Satisfi allows companies to proactively gather feedback rather than passively wait. Use Satisfi as a tool to enable your guests and customers (“Consumers”) to tell you their concerns. Too often Consumers leave without telling you why or become dissatisfied while on-site at your location. Deploy Satisfi within your location and Consumers, using their mobile devices, can alert you in real-time to legitimate concerns. Get to your Consumer before they turn to social media (Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc.) to publicly “complain.”
Satisfi’s dashboard lets management analyze trends and continue to engage with your guests or customers (“Consumers”) even after they have left your location. Determine when, where and why your Consumers need assistance. Export the data to your own analytics engines for further analysis. Satisfi lets you manage all of the Consumer experience in an easy to use, intuitive dashboard.
Satisfi lets you reply in real-time back to your guests and customers (“Consumers”) while they are still on-site. Your manager or head of customer experience can reply before the Consumer leaves and try to resolve the issue. Set up auto-replies for easy to resolve matters such as the bathroom needing supplies.