General Questions

What is Satisfi?
Satisfi is a free, online app that is a real-time feedback tool. It allows consumers to let businesses know if they have concerns or compliments. Businesses can respond to their customers quickly and resolve issues before they lead to unhappy customers.
Is Satisfi free?
Yes! Satisfi is free for consumers. Businesses can join here.

Who uses Satisfi?
You’ll find a wide range of people on Satisfi, including locals who are “in the know” about what’s cool and happening in their city, visitors who want to get an insider’s local perspective, and anyone trying to find a great local business.

Is Satisfi just a place for rants?
No! You can use Satisfi to tell a business when you’ve had a really good experience.

User Reviews

Who should I review on Satisfi?
Any local business, service or place with a physical presence is fair game. Think: restaurants, shops, bars, salons, spas, dentists, mechanics, parks, museums, etc.
What if I had a bad experience? Can I say something negative?
We like to hear about the good, the bad, and everything in between.
How do I publish my reviews to Facebook or Twitter?
Easy! Go to the Profile page in Menu and following the instructions there.

Business Listing Information

How did my business information end up on Satisfi?
We license basic business information from third party data providers who gather this type of information from public records and other sources. We also get business information from our users, who are helpful enough to correct the info we have or let us know about a new spot that just opened down the street. Please feel free to let us know if our information is out of date! The more objective attributes that we show in the business listing (whether the business accepts credit cards or is wheelchair accessible) can be set by the business owner if he/she has signed up for a Business Owner’s Account.


How do I verify my Satisfi account?
When you’ve completed the registration process, you will receive an email with a special link. Click it to verify your account. When the verification message arrives in your email in-box, click the verification link, or copy and paste it into your browser. Your account will be verified at this point. If it doesn’t work please let us know.
How do I change my basic account information?
To edit your profile or to change your account preferences, log in and click your profile. You will be able to edit your account preferences here.
How do I change my email address?
Your email addresses and password are found under “Profile” which appears when you click on the Menu.
How do I close my account on Satisfi?
To close your user account, please click here. If you don’t mind telling us, we’d love to hear why you want to leave. While Satisfi continues to evolve your feedback makes a big difference. If there’s something you found unsatisfying about Satisfi, tell us about it and we’ll do our best to try to do better.


How do I invite friends?
Satisfi is so much better when the people you know are here. So invite all your friends, family and work colleagues, maybe even some enemies just as long as they have some good reviews! Click on the “Invite Friends” tab in the header of any page on Satisfi, and enter the email addresses of the people you’d like to invite to join your network.

We’ve already created an invitation message for you, but feel free to personalize it. The invitation will automatically contain your first and last name as entered in your Satisfi account settings, and will contain your email address in the “From:” line. When you’re finished customizing your message, just click “Send.”

The invitation will include a link that brings your friend to Satisfi, where they’ll be able to read more about why Satisfi is the fun and easy way to make, recommend and talk about what’s great in their world.

App Permissions

Why does Satisfi ask for access to my device’s photos & camera?
This allows the app to use your device’s camera to upload photos of businesses to Satisfi. No photos are taken or retrieved without your knowledge, and all camera actions require the user to initiate them. Why does satisfi ask for access to my device’s SD card? Certain images like business photos are sometimes cached and stored on your phone for faster retrieval. Photos you take are also sometimes stored as they’re uploaded. We always remove these photos from your SD card shortly after the upload finishes.


What does Satisfi do with my personal information?
We take privacy very seriously and we hate spam even more than you do. Please take the time to review our privacy policy so you can see exactly what we do with your personal information. If you receive spammy messages from another Satisfi member, or if you receive a message that is harassing, abusive, or contains a violation of our Terms of Service, please report it here.